PTC Consultants is an Oil and Gas service company specializing in the following:

Services PTC Consultants specializes in...

Project Management

Our project management services are second-to-none. We can handle anything and everything, from single-well field explorations to 500-well field development projects.

Since our inception, we’ve managed projects in the following locations:

In these projects, PTC’s primary focus has been in drilling, completion, production, and optimization. Our secondary focuses include gathering and field-production type work.

Well Site Supervision

By acting as the well-site supervisor and operator’s representative at the drill site, PTC can ensure the well is drilled, maintained, and managed in accordance with approved drilling specifications—specifications that keep the project on-time and on-budget.

Well Design & Planning

Detailed and demanding, well-design and planning is an essential component of any drilling operation. Successful well-planning requires top-flight engineering practices, strong leadership, congruency in philosophy, and a wealth of industry experience. Only by owning each of these four components can a consultant deliver a well that meets operator expectations for budget and production, and worker expectations for safety.

Resource Assessment

Before any well can be developed, its potential needs to be assessed. PTC offers a full-suite of resource assessment services to ensure each and every well sunk is a profitable one, through field optimization studies, production optimization studies, drilling optimization studies, and cost-recovery studies.

Refining Technology